About the Association

The Association of Sedlčany Region Municipalities was founded during the constituent meeting held in Sedlčany on September 20th, 1995. 23 municipalities from the Vltava River’s right bank, the eastern part of Příbram County, joined to enhance the social and economic development of the central Vltava micro-region. Basic attributes like a memorandum of foundation, status, regulations, registration, rules of procedure, etc were agreed upon to ensure the functionality of the association.

Activities of the association are focused on the main problematic issues like economic potential and business development, education, health and welfare issues, tourism and tourist business development, ecology and environmental protection, transport and transport services within the region, and the development of public utilities. Without the active participation of all members we couldn't have expected results. In 2002 the association opened its own office.

The beautiful and diverse countryside along with people's potential are the most valuable tools of the Sedlčany Region. On these two foundations we have built our present times, and I believe our future as well.

Ing. Jiří Burian
President of the Association





                                                                        Ing. Jiří Burian
                                                                     předseda sdružení