We introduce the Sedlčany Region

The natural wealth of this region is enhanced especially by its association with the Vltava River. The description of the Vltava River banks is a task that calls for poetry but a romantic flush itself will overwhelm you when you decide to visit, for example, the Drbákov-Albertovy Skály Reserve. Here, you can go on a hiking tour with many stops (with information panels) and especially unique Vltava River outlooks from dominant rocks. Nearby, close to Hrazany village, you will find an oppidum which was built by the Celts more than two thousands years ago.

Ostromeč Castle was built on this site in the Middle Ages. Now, a narrow path leads to its ruins. We are reminded of the old fame of medieval castles also by the ruins of Radíč Castle, Vrškamýk Castle, and Zvěřinec Castle at Jesenice, to which an educational trail will lead you. The former Lobkowicz Vysoký Chlumec Castle is the only castle still standing. Though the public is not admitted to the castle you can visit the outdoor Museum of Rural Architecture of the Central Vltava River Region situated in its outer bailey area. On the other hand, the Sedlčany Town Museum takes pride in its interesting collections, ranging from the primeval age through the Middle Ages to the world wars of the last century.

The list of Sedlčany Region chateaus would cover many lines. However, we want to bring your attention to the Červený Hrádek Chateau, which is surrounded by a large park and the Třebnice Chateau – the birthplace of Marshal Radecký. The Křepenice Stronghold, built by Krčín of Jelčany and Sedlčany, is also worth your attention. The largest pond of the Sedlčany Region, Musík, is his work too; as well as maybe the nearby huge windmill with its towering walls situated on a hill at Příčovy. On the other hand, the oldest watermill, from dozens in the region, can be found in Bláhova Lhota.

Wandering through this region you will find that it is impossible to include all places of interest in this list, and you will certainly come across many other places that will surprise you with their distinction and beauty. You can preview potential destinations of your trips from the tops of numerous outlook towers - Drahoušek at Osečany (altitude 504 m + another 32 m of the outlook tower itself), Veselý Hill at Mokrsko, (489 m + 25 m), Onen Svět (590 m + 15 m), or Hodětín at Petrovice (551 m + 36,6 m). Find out why the area around Petrovice is called "Stone Land", and walk along its educational trail. Do not miss the Huss Pulpit, Týnčany Caves or the original Stations of the Cross with their carved stone reliefs. Other Stations of the Cross can be found in Počepice and Jesenice (an educational trail leads to it from the church). A unique, over one-hundred year old channel leads its way through the forest near Nedrahovice.

And so forth, we could continue this way on and on, and you, reading, would never have time to get anywhere or see anything… Certainly, this we do not want to happen. So pedal your bicycle or put on comfortable shoes and set forth. We wish you a pleasant stay in our region.